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Cutting-edge iGraming platform powered by cloud based technologies
to help you make a smooth and quick start in online gaming industry
Become our partner and earn up to €1M without any investment Get profit from your connections and communication skills

Silmarion Referral Program for individuals and business

The hardest thing in business is to get started. In an overcrowded market where startups are raising millions of dollars every single day, it is so hard to find your place to start
a profitable business.

But we are sure, everyone can do it. And Silmarion gives you this chance. We offer a unique opportunity to start making money without investment. With our Referral Program you don’t have to invest any peny to create a thriving business.

We are open to different types of cooperation (B2B or individual) and looking for reliable partners to gain great results together.

Offer Silmarion solutions to your partners and clients and get generous reward from our Referral Program. We are always looking for reliable partners to move forward and promote Silmarion solutions in iGaming industry.

Silmarion is a leading top-notch platform provider for the iGaming industry. We provide gaming license support, banking and payment processing – all ready to be launched and quickstart iGaming business in a few weeks.Our platform embraces unique features with breakthrough technologies that are second to none on the market.

What you will get

You provide us with contacts

You care about nothing

You get your commission

Fast brand launch and delivery
A deal based on your connections. You provide us with contacts
of potential clients and when based on your connections deal is closed, you get your commission stream according to our agreements.

It is the most simple and easy to implement deal. You care about nothing except providing us with the right contacts of potential clients. We take care of the rest.

Silmarion’s platform is an ideal comprehensive solution that already comprises everything needed to start iGaming business from ground zero. So, it is quite easy to get the interest of potential clients.

You provide us with contacts

You participate in the process

You get more commision

This type of deal requires more assistance and involvement from your side. And it’s rewarded more as well. Get generous reward for working with
us on conducting a deal.

You provide us with contacts of potential clients and supervise sales process until closing a deal. You actively participate in the overall process, give us recommendations and take part in negotiation process. Once the deal is closed, you earn your commission stream on monthly basis.

In both cases we provide you with a full set of essential materials, including our presentation, info kit with our proposal and prices. We are always ready to support you if you will need some help at any question.

Get in touch with our business
development team

Get in touch with our business
development team
Referral Program

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