Platform features

We provide world-class iGaming platform with wide set of unique features to ensure your everyday profit

Ready-to-go set up/Fast launch

    We change the industry rules and let you start a new business fast, faster than it used to be ever before.
    It takes around 15 minutes to set up a new brand, 2 weeks to integrate new game and payment providers.
    The market is overflowed, and the fastest one wins. In other words, we give you an undeniable advantage – rapid development and integration to start growing your business today.

License support

    Work under our license and get a high credibility level from the very beginning.
    We support the TOP-5 licenses, which cover the most popular zones: UK license, DGA, SGA, MGA, Curacao.
    Our license allows you to enter new territories quickly and smoothly within one day. With our license, you already have a business advantage and won’t face any problems.

Bonus Management Outstanding

    Our platform offers the widest variety of bonuses and rewards with the conditions that you set on your behalf.
    We provide the most flexible bonus management system that is able to satisfy the tastes of any player: free spins, loyalty points, reward plan, bonus, cashback, tournaments, lotteries, and more.
    Silmarion’s platform allows creating multi-layered campaigns to launch chain promo activities with the precise targeting for each segment of users. Flexible targeting lets you reach a particular audience according to your goals.


    Personalization drives the business forward. We use machine learning to provide a personalized experience and offers for every user: personalized games, bonuses, emails, recommendations, and more. Make an exceptional offer for every single user with these ready-to-use features.

Seamless wallet

    One wallet for different types of games is the new industry standard that every business has to obtain. Provide easy and seamless transactions for your users in sports, slots, live casinos, virtual games, etc., through one wallet.
    It is the best possible solution for those who used to work with an old platform and would like to streamline operational processes as well as for the industry newcomers.
    Our seamless wallet enables the one balance, making things easier without a need to make a transfer between different games. This feature saves your marketing expenses and lets you gain your commercial goals at the same time.

Affiliate system

    Just imagine how priceless it can be the possibility to track the traffic and determine the best of your affiliates.
    Our affiliate marketing software is created for comprehensive multi-channel tracking and analytics of your affiliates. It allows you to measure the quality of your affiliates and always be aware of what is going on.
    The best 3rd party providers are integrated into our system:
    Also, we provide integration with others or your in-house system if it is needed.

BI and realtime analytics

    Data is a new gold.
    This feature answers all types of operational questions you will have.
    We provide a real-time analytical platform fed by multiple data sources to configure, manipulate, and analyze your important data. The data is stored in DWH (Data Warehouse) and has the best integrated BI tool (Tableau) on the market to get business insights.
    Increase your business efficiency with this handy and convenient tool to get even more results from your business than you expected.


    We provide identity verification in compliance with the world’s licenses: MGA, DGA, SGA, UK.
    Silmarion’s platform possesses proprietary systems to perform KYC, AML, age verification, and fraud detection protocols.


    We use machine learning to reduce fraud, protect online businesses, and increase revenue. It is simple to use, an integrated feature for fraud detection and protection of your business.

Data security

  • TLS for API consumers. Both HTTP and Kafka data transfer are protected by encrypted data layer.
  • Sensible runtime data is kept within special secret storage. Docker secrets mechanism hides sensible data from external users only providing access to trusted services.
  • Do not store sensible user data as plain text in databases. Asymmetric encryption is used for passwords and other data.
  • Authentication keys are unique for each user, thus preventing data compromise in case of a single key leak.
  • Rely on robust 3rd party solutions like Hashicorp Valve for working with sensible data.

Multi brand management / Game management

    Here is a unified system to give you total control over game settings and manage your services in a few clicks. You can set game info at the back office, upload content, switch on/off different games, and adjust games’ availability according to the chosen countries and languages.
    Instant management and full control, is there something else you could need?

Content management / Promo management

    Our carefully thought out loyalty program helps you engage players and keep them coming back for more. It improves the user retention rate by up to 20%.
    Users may spend their loyalty points to an in-game store to buy free spins, etc. Our loyalty program can also be connected to different e-commerce sites so that users can pay for goods by in-game currency.
    It allows for creating a loyalty system based on user segmentation in accordance with their interests. Create different levels of players (VIP, etc.), depending on the game type they play (slots, sport, roulette, scratchers, and others).

CRM system

    We provide a flexible and customizable solution for contacting customers via e-mails, SMS services, and phone calls. All communication information is saved and accessible anytime. Also, we provide CRM based analytics to keep you updated and speed up the process of business decision making.

Player account management

    Easy to use the system to help you control the players’ game and payments activity, monitor bonus history, and the history of their statuses.

Languages and currencies

    The user-friendly site is a must.
    Set preferred currencies and languages, depending on the targeted countries and user location.

Responsive design

    All our websites are adaptive to any device: mobile, tablet, desktop.


    We provide hosting and maintenance of all resources by cloud-based technologies on our side.

B2B support 24/7

    Benefit from the ready-to-operate platform with our full set of 24/7 services and support. Contact us at any time with any questions.
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